Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tots Bots Easy fit and Teeny fit - Review

My first encounter with a Tots Bots nappy, was at a friend's house when she introduced the Starburst  print Tots Bots Easy fit as one of her favourite nappies. I was not too fond of the print or the look of the nappy. Well  things change in a short time. After another person told me it was one of their favourites, I decided to give it a go myself. The starburst print grew on me and that is the first one I purchased.
It is now one of my favourite nappies. I really like it's soft feel and ease of use. I have so many different types of nappies, that I lose track of what inserts go with what shell. The sewn in insert makes life easier.

White easyfit and starburst easyfit

The Tots Bots easy fit is an all in one nappy, with a pocket. It is a one size fits most, with a applix closure. The absorbent strip of the nappy is topped with a super soft bamboo terry, an backed with a thirsty microfibre.
Bamboo terry and microfibre

Bamboo terry
The absorbent panel is sewn in for the length of the nappy, and continues for another nappy length. This part is tucked into the pocket when in use. It agitates out in the wash for a more thorough wash and quicker drying time.
You can add extra absorbent inserts for overnight use if you wish.

The size is adjustable with the snaps in the front.
Small setting

Large setting

Applix tabs fold over for laundering to avoid snagging on other nappies in the wash.

This nappy also comes in a smaller newborn version, called the Teeny fit. This is a miniature version of the Easy fit, without an adjustable rise.
Teeny fit

Easy fit next to Teeny fit
Teeny fit on top of Easy fit
The Teeny fit has the same style insert with pocket.

And also comes with an extra microfibre insert.

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